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Supporting Phen Dhe Ling

You can support the Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre in several ways:

Membership - Volunteer - Donations

The Phen Dhe Ling Centre relies primarily upon membership
for support so that teachings and meditation classes can be
offered to the public.

All financial support comes from private donations
and memberships. Your donation will help others to
find their way to and within the Dharma. All donations go towards supporting the Phen Dhe Ling Centre. The teachers and administrators are all volunteers and are not paid for their time.


Becoming a member of the Phen Dhe Ling Centre is a wonderful way to support our ongoing work. The continuation of noble Dharma activities depends totally on your generous support and we invite you to
join with us in creating good deeds.

Download Membership Form Here

Renew or become a new member of Phendheling Buddhist Centre online here


If you are interested in volunteering help to the Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre
please contact info@phendheling.org