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Regular Activities

Pujas, offering ceremonies, rites and prayers are traditionally performed by Gyuto monks and you may request that pujas be performed for yourself, family and friends and for all sentinent beings. Ven Thupten Lodey can perform the pujas at your home or at the Centre.

Ceremonies for taking refuge, purification of obstacles for home or business, blessings for marriage, babies and funerals can be performed by request.

Classes in Tibetan calligraphy and language, Mandala drawing and traditional mask making are also given (minimum 5 people per class).

Private Audience
A private audience may be arranged with Ven Thupten Lodey for personal
and spiritual advice.

If you are interested in volunteering help to the Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre
please contact Alison (08) 9337 5845.